Petite Friture Francis Mirror Coffee Table - Blue and violet watercolour

Petite Friture Francis Mirror Coffee Table

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CHF 1'674.00
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Artikelnummer: Petite Friture Francis Mirror Coffee Table


The extra-large FRANCIS mirror-coffee table revisits an iconic Petite Friture mirror, exploring the horizontal plane.
The original mirror design from 2012 by Constance Guisset has been combined with ceremonial shapes to become a mirror-coffee table that brings poetry and design into any living-room. The extra-large format turns FRANCIS into a true statement piece.
The large FRANCIS mirror-coffee table is a new iteration of one of Petite Friture’s favourite mirrors – taken off the wall, laid down flat.
Merged with stoic-like shapes, Constance Guisset’s 2012 mirror has now become a mirror-coffee table, striking a surreal balance between the formal and the fanciful.

Weitere Informationen

Material Laminated tempered glass mirror, steel, epoxy paint
Abmessungen Extra Large W:110 cm H: 24 cm D: 110cm
Large W: 75 cm H: 36 cm D: 75 cm
Gewicht Extra Large: 45 kg
Large: 19 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Petite Friture
Designer Constance Guisset


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