Design House Stockholm Air sideboard - Black

Design House Stockholm Air sideboard

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Artikelnummer: Design House Stockholm Air sideboard


Air is a sideboard for the centre of the room. It combines a graphic pattern of ribs with natural cane inlays which gives a feeling of lightness and transparency. Air can be used as freestanding room dividers or placed against a wall.
The woven cane gives it a visible surface, but also provides a sense of depth. You can glimpse what’s inside, adding some careful mystery to the piece. The fact that the design is transparent also fulfils a function. The woven cane ventilates the cupboard which is practical when storing both clothes and electronic devices. A lamp behind the see-through doors makes Air shine like a diamond.
With his mix of Swedish and French roots Mathieu was tempted to pair the Swedish and French attitudes to furniture in his design.
“My Swedish relatives furnished their homes in typical Swedish style; pared down and practical. People in France are not as uniform”, he maintains. “They can easily mix Empire with Ikea.”
Air is given a unique personality through the mixture of a refined Scandinavian idiom with a touch of French style and elegance. The use of cane is unexpected in such an item of furniture but makes the design light and fresh. It is by exceeding the usual boundaries that Scandinavian design is renewed, and this is one of many reasons why Air has a natural place with Design House Stockholm.

Weitere Informationen

Material Lacquered MDF, lacquered solid beech frame, cane.
Abmessungen Product: 120×40×81 cm
Box: 126×46×87 cm
Gewicht 20 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Design House Stockholm
Designer Mathieu Gustafsson


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