Zieta Tafla Mirrors C3

Zieta Tafla Mirrors C3

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Steel TAFLA mirrors made ​​in FiDU technology are as unique as the reflections in them. The new modular collection of mirrors gives another dimension of space and creates a unique story on your wall. Easily manipulative material allows us to create an entire collection of solids, so different and yet beautifully integrated with each other. Some of them are characterized by geometric nature and respect for the proportions, while others are distinguished by unique, bionic form. Thanks to the common factor which is the FiDU technology, the world of design, art and technology are combined. The free inner pressure deformation of the mirrors gives everyone a special and unique form of revealing the true face of the me tal.

The collection includes steel mirrors standing and hanging which, thanks to the material used did not break up after a fall. The product of form and function with the latest collection of mirrors gives an infinite number of possible arrangements.

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Material Stainless Steel (inox)
Abmessungen H: 124cm W: 67cm D: 6 cm
Lieferfrist 4 - 6 Wochen
Hersteller Zieta
Designer Zieta


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