Roberto Barbieri

Born in Milan in 1942, he received his degree in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic in 1969.

During the same year he and the architect Marco De Carli began working in the fields of design, architecture and graphic design.
This collaboration still endures, albeit in some sectors.

In 1970 his architectural and decorative schemes were part of the exhibition "Living Space for 1970s Homes," staged by the Lissone Furniture Body and the School of Architecture. In 1975 he participated in the show "Living Space in Public Buildings" organized with the 15th Milan Triennale.

In 1979 he designed the "Cartiglia" bed selected for the exhibit "Italienische Möbel Design 1950/80" at the Cologne Stadt Museum. Subsequently, he has designed and been art director for furniture makers.

Roberto Barbieri has been working for Zanotta since 1994.