Red Edition Cane sofa 210 - Velvet Fox T26 (cat.C) Black Tinted Beech

Red Edition Cane sofa 210

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CHF 6'037.00
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Artikelnummer: Red Edition Cane sofa 210


The Red Edition cane sofa embodies elegance, refinement and modernity. The streamlined solid wood frame plays host to airy wicker panels of handwoven natural rattan. Constructed by Italian artisans, the end result is a sophisticated interplay of form and materials.

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Abmessungen The wicker sofa measures 210 cm of length, 80 cm of depth and 84 cm of height.
Gewicht 45 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Red Edition
Designer Red Edition
Hinweis The sofa comes in a careful selection of artisanal fabrics or you can personalize it as you wish. The structure is made from black-stained solid wood, or natural oak, that follows graphic lines while the panels are more transparent with their openweave design. The result is elegant and refined.

Seat cushion: HR bi-density foam, 30 - 35 kg/m3. Back cushions: goose and duck down combined with polyester ber. Removable seat and back cushion covers.


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