Owal Plant Pot - Piazza Owal Plant Pot

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CHF 165.00
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Artikelnummer: Owal Plant Pot


Plants have a positive impact on our lives – they clean the air, bump up our creativity levels, reduce everyday stress, help our eyes rest and so much more. Use a two-part pot to create a unique plant composition. Use it also as a practical storage space where you can simply place a blanket or your favorite magazines.

Weitere Informationen

Material Plant pot: steel
Finish : Plant pot: powder coated steel
Abmessungen Height: 40 cm
Width: 40 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Gewicht 7 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hinweis special scratch resistant powder coating
pads placed under to protect your floor


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