The collaboration between us took off at the end of 2007, which is 9 years after our friendship started.
Our individual stories are long and diverse. Too long to tell. But here are some insights you might not know.

Nicholai is an enthusiastic walking think-tank. He is original and imaginative in a matter of his own. His untraditional thinking and form is probably because he creative side has been encouraged all his life.
Art played a big role when he was young since his dad was a world recognised artist and his mother was a competent ceramicist. Art is still a big passion and today he and his brother manage his late father's artwork.

Lars has BSc in Business Administration and Philosophy and a MSc specialized in branding, product development and strategy and was award honours for outstanding study efforts at the Copenhagen Business School. He has been working 5 years in the fashion industry.

Nicholai have had a lifestyle restaurant and nightclub called Pappa Hotel which was award ‘The Copenhagen Price' and Lars have been organising events where 1000+ people participated. Lars was windsurfing in professional World Tour for 5 years, was plased 8th in the world championships in slalom and has completed marathon in the 2h49min. Nicholai was several times participating in the world championships in sheepdog trails.

We both love to cook and to be outdoors both in the water, in the woods and in the mountains. We share the curiosity for people, social-interaction, the contemporary society and its arrangement.