Muuto Leaf Floor Lamp - Green

Muuto Leaf Floor Lamp

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CHF 306.00
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Inspired by the leaves on a tree, the LEAF lamp series creates an iconic silhouette depending on the positioning of the lamp's shade and viewing angle. LEAF is available in two sizes and uses energy-efficient LED technology. The lamps dim function makes it possible to control both light and mood and it is a stylish addition to any room, whether in the home, office or other commercial setting.

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Muuto
Designer Broberg & Ridderstråle
Hinweis Technical specifications:
230V transformer, 12V OLED light source 5W, Bulb lifetime appr. 30.000 hours.

Cleaning instructions:
Wipe off dust with dry cloth. If necessary use moist cloth, then dry off. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Always switch off the electricity supply before cleaning.
Material Aluminium, Steel, Brass, Coloured PVC cord. Bulb included.
Abmessungen Height: 118 cm , Base diameter: 22 cm , Lamp shade: 15,5x18,5 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen


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Diese Leuchte hat eine wirklich schöne Farbe! Sie harmoniert sehr gut mit meiner Einrichtung. D.h. alles ist ok und nach meinem Geschmack!

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