Muubs Jar Luna 80

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CHF 194.00
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Artikelnummer: Muubs Jar Luna 80


Large floor vase in handmade terracotta by Muubs. The large vase in the calming grey nuance has a unique surface that most of all reminds you of a rustic moonscape. The significant size and the organic shape of the vase makes the vase a timeless decoration for the home, that with it understated luxurious expression catches the attention and adds raw elegance for the modern home. The Luna jar is 40 cm in diameter and the inner hole is 9,5 cm wide.

The black Luna jar by Muubs is the perfect combination of Indonesian craftsmanship and Scandinavian elegance. The 80 cm. large terracotta floor vase is designed by the Danish design team and handmade on Bali in Indonesia. When the organic shaped jar has been burned, it is painted by hand. Then it gets a transparent coating that is carefully burned with a small gas flame. This process creates the moonscape like surface, that is characteristic for the Luna vase series.

The Luna jar by Muubs has quick become a new classic within modern, Scandinavian interior design. The large vase has a unique, tactile surface that is made through a special process. When the vase has been burned, it is painted with a base color that creates the overall expression of the vase. Then it gets a transparent coating that is carefully burned with a small gas flame, all by hand. In this way, the moonscape like surface of the vase is made. This effect is especially characteristic for the Luna jars. The elegant blue nuance of the Luna 80 cm. jar is especially suitable for the Scandinavian home, where it will stand as a beautiful contrast to the minimalistic home décor.

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Material Terracotta
Abmessungen H: 80 x Ø: 45
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen
Hersteller Muubs
Designer Muubs
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