Muubs Drawer Cabinet 05 With 2 Drawers

Muubs Drawer Cabinet 05 With 2 Drawers


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Artikelnummer: Muubs Drawer Cabinet 05 With 2 Drawers


Elegant, little dresser in a raw and industrial look made of iron. The dresser from Muubs has two spacious drawers, which make it extremely practical and functional. Use the dresser as a cool, different bedside table, use it as a side table by the sofa - so you can easily put you coffee cup down. The dresser will also work well in the hallway, for storing your keys, hats and gloves, so you can maintain a minimalist look. Muub's iron dresser can vary in color from light anthracite to almost black. The color hue can be changed from production to production and also switches in the light. The raw iron has a natural dark shade and masculine surface, that makes every single chest of drawers a majestic statement to the home.

Weitere Informationen

Material Iron
Farbe Iron
Abmessungen W: 29 x H: 59 x D: 30
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen
Hersteller Muubs
Designer Muubs
Hinweis Item number : 8270000102


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