LZF Pendelleuchte Romanica


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LZF Pendelleuchte Romanica
LZF Pendelleuchte Romanica
LZF Pendelleuchte Romanica
Artikelnummer: LZF Pendelleuchte Romanica


Designed for LZF by the Spanish designer Mariví Calvo, the Romanica is available in 5 different sizes as a wall lamp and a suspension lamp.

The Romanica belongs to the first collection created by LZF and is manufactured today as it was then: by hand, following the most exacting standards throughout the process.

Different sizes can be combined within the same space to create remarkable installations.

The lampshades are available in 4 different finishes of natural and reconstructed wood veneer.

Home, contract, hospitality.

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller LZF
Designer Mariví Calvo
Hinweis - Pendelleuchte
- Kabellänge: 200 cm
Durchmesser Lampenschirm 8 cm
Material Lampenschirm aus FSC-zertifiziertem Furnierholz, Lampenbaldachin aus gebürstetem Nickel, transparentes Stromkabel, Stahlkabel
Fassung Romanica 30 + 50 - 1 x E-27, Romanica 120 – 2 x E-27
Lieferumfang 1 Leuchte in gewählter Größe und Farbvariante, ohne Leuchtmittel
Abmessungen (∅ x H):
30 – 16 x 30 cm
50 – 16 x 50 cm
120 – 19 x 120 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen


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