LZF Pendelleuchte Dandelion

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CHF 7'178.00
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Artikelnummer: LZF Pendelleuchte Dandelion


After a collaboration of more than ten years, Dandelion is Burkhard Dämmer’s latest contribution to LZF.

Dandelion can be considered as one single lamp or a combination of lamps. Inside, every shade several LED circuits are hidden, which can be lit all at once or by sections to meet the requirements of the room and the time of day. Outside, the LZF wood veneer enfolds every geometrical shape, like cones sinking at different depths into the heart of Dandelion.

The result is a very original lamp, a geometric puzzle of light which resembles one of the most basic forms of life

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller LZF
Designer Burkhard Dämmer
Hinweis Stromkabel: durchsichtig, Länge 2 m

Lampenbaldachin: aus gebürstetem Nickel
Material Schirm aus FSC-zertifiziertem Furnierholz, Stahlkabel
Leuchtmittel (CE) LED COB 31 x 4 w, Lebensdauer 40.000 h
Lieferumfang Pendelleuchte inkl. Befestigung, Lampenbaldachin und Leuchtmittel
Abmessungen (H x L x B): 81 x 85 x 85 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen


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