Le Klint MEGATWO Medium-Silk white

Le Klint MEGATWO Medium

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CHF 512.00
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Artikelnummer: Le Klint MEGATWO Medium


Geometric shapes, new lines and the finest in colour graded paper has been hand pleated - then folded to create beautiful oversized lighting in Silk White, Indigo Blue and Soft Sand.

These pleats have been designed produced and fitted with LED technology at our pleating studio and production facilities in Odense Denmark to guarantee you an original LE KLINT.

Design: LE KLINT Team.

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Le Klint
Designer Le Klint
Hinweis Frame : Incl
Material Paper
Leuchtmittel (CE) E27 - LED - Max. 20 W.
Abmessungen Height : 24 cm
Diameter : 48 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen


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