Hay AAC 121 - Black Powder Coated Aluminium - SILK SIL0258

Hay AAC 121

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CHF 586.00
Lieferfrist: 4 - 6 Wochen
Artikelnummer: Hay AAC 121


Featuring a swivel base in aluminium, the AAC 121 has a slightly more formal expression than the other variants in the series. Retaining the same high backrest and generous seat that characterises the series, this design features a functional base with legs that fan out from the centre. The base is available in either polished or powder-coated black aluminium, and the shell comes in a variety of upholstery options, providing a multitude of design combinations that give this series versatility in a wide range of corporate, public, and private contexts.

Weitere Informationen

Farbe Frame :
Aluminium Powder Coated Black
Aluminium Polished

Upholstery : SILK SIL0258 / Remix 133 / Flamiber Grey C8
Abmessungen W62 X D59.5 X H86
Seat height : 47.5
Lieferfrist 4 - 6 Wochen
Hersteller HAY
Designer Hee Welling
Hinweis Glider : Standard Glider


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