Gazzda Design Stuhl Muna - Eiche

Gazzda Design Stuhl Muna - Eiche

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CHF 579.00
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Artikelnummer: Gazzda Design Stuhl Muna - Eiche


Muna is our futuristic interpretation of ‘the classical armchair’. After dozens of attempts and even more prototypes, the dining version arose in 2018. And this year, 2019, the lounge chair premieres. Because if you ask us, the future’s all about kicking back.
What makes the lounge chair special and at the same time different from her classic predecessors, is the unique way we’ve connected her backrests with her armrests. They are two pieces of a puzzle, clicking seamlessly together – providing great strength and a contemporary look at the same time.
We carefully bend Muna’s backrest through advanced woodworking techniques, making sure we don’t waste more oak than we must. Every bit of Muna is polished to perfection, giving her a smooth, fluid feel. And her minimalistic, solid oak frame makes her feather-light, so people can place her anywhere they want to relax.

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Material Massivholz
Sitzfläche Stoff
Abmessungen W x H x D : 54 x 75 x 53 cm
Lieferfrist 6 - 8 Wochen
Hersteller Gazzda
Designer Gazzda


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