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Fredericia Nara Kleiderständer

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Artikelnummer: Fredericia Nara Kleiderständer


Nara Coat stand was designed by Shin Azumi as way to utilise the off cuts from production of the Nara chair. The result is a sculptural object with a graphical silhouette.

Shin Azumi designed the Nara series for Fredericia in 2009. His starting point was to analyse the body’s seated position in Danish chairs by Mogensen, Wegner, Jacobsen and Ditzel, and from there he applied a systematic and graphical aesthetic.

Using his own logic, he succeeded in creating a new version of the wooden chair that is much more besides an exquisite piece of furniture. Behind the stringent, simple design a more complex logic can be discovered.

When you sit in a chair, your spine is normally forced to subject itself to the shape of the chair. Yet this is not the case with Nara. While developing the design Azumi discovered that the shape of the chair could support the muscles and ligaments around the spine, and thereby ensure a stable and natural sitting position without undue pressure on the spinal cord.

The “horns” of the backrest also gave the inspiration for the name: the sacred deer that roam freely in the forests around Nara, Japan's first capital.

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EAN Code 4250298783833
Material Eiche: (Herkunft: Europa), Basis: Stahl
Abmessungen Höhe: 180 cm, Tiefe: 32 cm, Länge: 42 cm
Gewicht 10 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Fredericia
Designer Shin Azumi & Tomoko Azumi


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