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Fredericia J16 Schaukelstuhl

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Artikelnummer: Fredericia J16 Schaukelstuhl


Designed in 1944, Wegner 's rocker with the sensually curved arms was inspired by traditional Windsor and Shaker furniture, fused with Wegner’s poetic lines.

In 1939, when 28 year old architect Børge Mogensen started his career he pursued the vision to create high quality functional furniture with a reasonable price tag that could make the ideas of simple modernism popular among the people.

Mogensen decided that the furniture should all be based on established cabinet-maker’s principles found in traditional furniture types from around the world, while at the same time being adapted for ease of local production without compromising on quality.

Børge Mogensen then invited his friend Hans J. Wegner to participate in this venture, which came to lay the basic foundation for the development of the concept “Danish Modern” in the 1950’s. A few pieces from the programme became so accomplished that they have been in continuous production ever since their launch in the 1940’s. Fredericia’s special relationship with Børge Mogensen have ensured that these models will always be a part of Fredericia’s ‘The People’s Collection’.

Both Mogensen and Wegner’s furniture for “The People’s Collection” was based on an evolutionary design approach. Wegner’s rocker was inspired by traditional Windsor furniture, whereas Mogensen’s J39 was an evolution of methodology taken from Mediterranean region folk furniture. The C18 table was inspired by the functional style of the American Shaker culture. The durable and sturdy, yet refined quality of “The People’s Collection” makes the furniture suitable for both private and public use. And to this day, both new and vintage versions of the furniture can be seen in public institutions, universities, cafés, restaurants and private homes in Denmark as well as throughout the world.

Made in Denmark: J16, J16 stool, C18
Made in the EU: J39

Weitere Informationen

EAN Code 4250298783666
Material Gestell: Eiche Herkunft: Deutschland
Sitzfläche: Schnurgeflecht
Abmessungen Höhe: 107 cm, Tiefe: 93 cm, Länge: 63 cm
Gewicht 11 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Fredericia
Designer Hans J. Wegner
Sitzhöhe 42 cm


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