Case Purlin Rug

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CHF 516.00
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Artikelnummer: Case Purlin Rug


Teppich Purlin von Case

Der Teppich Purlin von Case wurde von der britischen Designerin Eleanor Pritchard entworfen. Sein streng geometrisches und patternmässiges Design – eine Abfolge von langgezogenen Rechtecken, die untereinander verbunden sind – fängt die urbane Ästhetik Londons hervorragend ein.

Dieser in Indien hergestellte Teppich ist in den Ausführungen flach gewebt oder handgetuftet erhältlich. Hinsichtlich der Grösse haben Sie die Wahl zwischen einer kleinen (170 × 42 cm) sowie einer grossen (200 × 300 cm) Ausführung. Bei den Farben dominieren warme Grautöne, die mit Petrol und Grün kombiniert werden. Sie haben die Wahl zwischen Warm Grey, Flannel Grey, Donkey Brown und Sea Green.

Weitere Informationen

Abmessungen Large: 200cm x 300cm
Small: 170cm x 240cm
Lieferfrist 3 - 5 Wochen
Hersteller Case
Designer Eleanor Pritchard
Hinweis Every day care
As with all natural yarns, the wool pile may lose some surplus fibres at first and create ‘fluff balls’. Do not brush the rug or you will force more fibres out. Regular vacuuming will help reduce this effect and will usually remove all the loose fibres after a few months. From time to time a tuft may work loose in the rug and stand out from the surface. Do not pull these out as this may encourage further tufting. If it is a single yarn, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut the thread even to the length of the pile. If it is a loop, cut it as short as possible and you should not have any further problems. The rotating of a loose laid rug over a period of time will help maintain your rug pile surface.

Stain removal
Dab the stain immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Do not rub. If the wool pile stains use an appropriate stain remover but test it on an inconspicuous area of the rug first. It is crucial that in the event of a contaminated liquid staining the wool the pile, it is cleaned immediately, without being allowed to dry. Leaving it may result in staining. This is a wool product and as with all natural materials red wine will stain. Never use stain removers that contain bleach.

General maintenance
If an all over clean is require we recommend professional steam cleaning, by a dedicated carpet cleaning service. Colours may show a slight colour change when cleaned. Please seek professional advice at all times if unsure about a cleaning procedure.

Professional cleaning
A recommended cleaning agent should be used at all times.


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