AxoLight Hoops Ceiling Light - Black

AxoLight Hoops Ceiling Light

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CHF 1'081.00
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Artikelnummer: AxoLight Hoops Ceiling Light


Collection consisting of ceiling lamps and suspended lamps with interchangeable elements in different shapes and sizes. Available in several colours. Built-in dimmable LED light source. The suspended lamps can light upward and downward.

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Axo Light
Designer Giovanni Barbato
Leuchtmittel (CE) LED 17W - diffused beam - 3000K
CRI 90 - ~1330 lm - 78 lm/W
Abmessungen Hoops 2:W.1000xD.510mm.
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen


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