Askman Rondo chair matte steel

Askman Rondo chair matte steel

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The Rondo Chair is an exercise in the beauty of simplicity. An ode to the might of the subtle tweak, and proof that form can be function if you give form enough thought.

Originally designed by heralded Danish designer, Erik Jørgensen, the chair revolves around one single piece of plywood that’s been curved and formed to make a mood out of the room it stands in. This chair is an integral part of Danish Design history, and probably the easiest way to invite a true classic into your home.

The Rondo Chair can be stacked in pairs of four, and is built to match both bold dinner tables, and be accompanied by the rest of the Rondo Family.

Weitere Informationen

Material Wood : Lacquered standard color (Black)
Farbe Steel color : Painted steel (Matte aluminum)
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Askman
Designer Erik Ole Jørgensen
Hinweis Upholstery type: Full
Arms: Yes
Upholstery brand: Camo Leathers
Leather type: Vacona
Leather color: Vacona 0500


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