Askman Dagmar sofa - Black

Askman Dagmar sofa

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A sofa is the main course. The beautiful elephant of any room it stands in and the one piece of furniture that is more pièce de résistance than just piece. That was the thinking when Max Louw sat down to create what many consider the crown jewel of our collection, the Dagmar Sofa.

Dagmar Sofa isn’t your everyday sofa. It isn’t viewing angle optimized for endless consumption, and you won’t find any cooled cup holders. What you will find, is that the insistent foundation, its elegant brass-or-black legs and its sweetly punctured back will breathe the air of good taste and high style into any room it graces.

Dagmar Sofa is available in either the nicest fabric you’ve ever seen on a sofa or the sleek leather you’d expect from a silhouette this elegant. Whether you’re adding class to an otherwise uninspiring hallway or looking for a stylish spine to build your living room around, the Dagmar Sofa is bound to be a perfect choice.

Weitere Informationen

Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Askman
Designer Max Louw
Hinweis Reed:
Backrest : Backrest A
Upholstery brand : Camo Leathers
Leather : Vacona
Leather color : Reed

Bronze / Black:
Upholstery : Camo Leathers
Leather : Nature
Leather color : Black


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