Askman Boston bar wood

Askman Boston bar wood

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When Erik Jørgensen designed the Boston family, it was with the intention of letting simple curves and undisturbed straight lines speak louder than advanced engineering possibly can. In other words, coming up with a design language that is truly Scandinavian, whilst still being modern.

The Boston Bar might be the best example of that effort. With its short back, steeply curved silhouette, and elegant legs, it’s commanding in an underplayed way that is so often seen in both Scandinavian design and people alike.

Boston Bar is available in a variety of styles as wide as its legs are tall. You’ll find options perfect for both the modern office, the up-trend bar or the newly renovated kitchen that just needs that extra little bit of something.

Weitere Informationen

Material Wood :Lacquered oak
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Askman
Designer Erik Ole Jørgensen
Hinweis Frame : Wood


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