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AndTradition Pavilion AV11

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CHF 854.00
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Artikelnummer: AndTradition Pavilion AV11


At first glance, the Pavilion lounge chair appears almost like a rope that’s come undone. From the curvaceous wood veneer seat and back to the steel tubes that form the armrests and legs, it’s a continuous flow of lyrical lines. A lounge chair that’s airy from any angle, it’s designed to be slightly laid back and with a wider seat than its cousin the Pavilion chair. In doing so, the Pavilion lounge chair is an open invitation to lean back, relax and stay a while.

Weitere Informationen

Material Steel tubes and formpressed veneer
Abmessungen H: 70cm x D: 65cm x L: 69cm
Seat height: 38cm
Seating depth: 52cm
Armrest height: 59cm
Gewicht AV11: 6.5kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller AndTradition
Designer Anderssen & Voll
Hinweis Environment : Indoor


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