AndTradition In Between Bar Stool SK7 + SK9 - Black lacquered oak

AndTradition In Between Bar Stool SK7 + SK9


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Artikelnummer: AndTradition In Between Bar Stool SK7 + SK9


Merging man and machine by combining classic wood craftsmanship with compression moulding, Kallio imbues the In Between Bar Stool with someNordic soul. Seen in a simple, timeless design that’s kissing cousins to his In Between Chair and In Between Table, both made in conjunction with &tradition.

“We love the mix of classic woodworking techniques and modern machinery,” notes &tradition Brand Manager Martin Kornbek Hansen. “Intrinsic to our own concept is merging the past with the present. So this design, with its simplicity and beauty, is truly emblematic of our own angle on design.”

For Kallio, “The bar stool uses woodturning and special veneer techniques in a way that makes the structure sturdy yet surprisingly light. So it blends into a space without taking up too much space. I wanted the bar stool to fit comfortably into any setting – just like the person sitting in it.

Weitere Informationen

Material Solid wood and formpressed veneer.
Abmessungen SK7: H: 92cm x W: 58cm x D: 54cm
Armrest height: 88 cm
Seating height: 65 cm.

SK9: H: 102cm x W: 58cm x D: 54cm
Armrest height: 98 cm
Seating height: 75 cm
Gewicht SK7: 6.5 kg / SK9: 7 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller AndTradition
Designer Sami Kallio
Hinweis Production : The legs and the armrest are turned from solid oak, the seat and side panels are formpressed from oak veneer.

Environment : Indoor


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