Northern Oblong

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The relaxing contours of the Oblong lounge chair provide the supersize comfort of a recliner, while being lighter and more comfortable than an overstuffed seat. Both the seat and backrest slope gently backwards, making Oblong relaxing to recline in. Crafted from two padded discs attached to a minimalistic frame, the chair’s fluid form and geometric profile recall shapes more typical of contemporary art than furniture design. Oblong was designed with an open base that allows light to pass through, enabling this low-slung chair to fill a small space without appearing to crowd it. Although lightweight and comfortable, the chair’s frame forms a stable base that keeps the feet firmly in place.

Weitere Informationen

Material Material legs: Steel
Materials seat and backrest: Plywood base, cold foam filling, textile cover
Farbe Colour legs: Black (Ral 9005)
Gewicht 14.2 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Northern
Designer Mario Tsai


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