Muubs Lounge Chair Krisna

Muubs Lounge Chair Krisna

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Artikelnummer: Muubs Lounge Chair Krisna


Krisna is a unique chair with a high focus on the beautiful imperfections. The Krisna chair by Muubs is made from one piece of suarwood that is shaped into a comfortable seat, where the wood grains create a beautiful, organic pattern on the chair. Let nature be your architect and furnish your home with the beautiful imperfections of nature.

Weitere Informationen

Material Suar
Farbe Nature
Abmessungen W: 60 x H: 80 x D: 60
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen
Hersteller Muubs
Designer Muubs
Hinweis Item number : 8430000014


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