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Fredericia Stingray Schaukelstuhl

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Artikelnummer: Fredericia Stingray Schaukelstuhl


The Stingray rocker offers a 360° choice of seating positions and embraces its user with comfort from every angle. Skin and neck cushion are optional accessories. Stingray is also available with a stainless steel frame for outdoor use.

Stingray is a dynamic rocking chair that invites a variety of sitting positions. The unconventionally organic shape emerged as a response to the requirements of today’s modern lounging requirements.

Stingray’s designer, Thomas Pedersen, is often inspired by organic shapes found in nature, and found the flowing shape of the stingray as the perfect muse for his final exam project at the Aarhus school of Design. It’s very easy to see the shell resembling a giant stingray moving gracefully through the water.

Constructed with a vacumn mold, rather than heat injection, the outside of the Stingray is hard wearing, yet sophisticated in either a matt or glossy finish. The frame is constructed without any transverse lines or seams, so as to accentuate the chair’s floating appearance.

The comfortable Stingray invites the user to sit back and relax in a variety of ergonomic positions. The bold design is daring and unorthodox, while at the same time it’s possible to see the inspiration from fibreglass chair deigns of 1950’s. With both old and new influence, Stingray fits perfectly in a room of any decorative style.

Stingray can be used outdoors when mounted on a stainless steel frame.

Stingray is today seen in private homes, hotel rooms, lounges and beach houses throughout the world, in anywere that calls for a relaxing retreat.

Made in Denmark

Weitere Informationen

EAN Code 4250298791227
Material Untergestell: Stahl pulverbeschichtet
Sitzschale: Polypropylen (PP)
Abmessungen Höhe: 83,6 cm, Tiefe: 114 cm, Länge: 120 cm
Gewicht 17 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Fredericia
Designer Thomas Pedersen
Sitzhöhe 34 cm


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