Objekto FDC1 Sessel / Leder & Stahl - Neuausgabe 50' - Schwarz

Objekto FDC1 Sessel / Leder & Stahl - Neuausgabe 50'

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Artikelnummer: Objekto FDC1 Sessel / Leder & Stahl - Neuausgabe 50'


The FDC1 armchair is an exclusive and rare piece of furniture designed by artist Flavio de Carvalho in the 50s. This sculptural tribal lounge chair is one of designer’s masterpieces, deemed by Le Corbusier as a “romantic revolutionary”.

Deemed by Le Corbusier as a "romantic revolutionary", Flávio de Carvalho was a man of many skills who got involved in an innovative and provocative way in many artistic fields and particularly in design and architecture areas.

His concepts of design and architecture are moved principally by the imagination and correspond to the new forms of living and thinking. For this man recognized today as one of the Brazilian modern architecture precursors, interior design is as important as architecture. Within the framework of his main project, the Capuava ranch (1939), he designed most of its furniture, among them the famous FDC1 armchair created in the 50’s.

The shape of this armchair is impressive by its graphic and sculptural aspects. Tribal mask or wink to sadomasochism, this noteworthy piece was at that time very avant-gardist and remains very modern.

Weitere Informationen

Material Acier époxy recyclé - Cuir pleine fleur
Farbe Schwarz
Abmessungen L 78 x Tiefe 70 x H 81 cm - Sitzfläche: H 35 cm
Gewicht 7 kg
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Objekto
Designer Flavio de Carvalho


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