wästberg Studioilse w084s

wästberg Studioilse w084s


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Materials have hidden messages. These create a powerful link to our emotional psyches and shape our connection to daily life. Our family of lights are sturdy friends, each with it’s own personality, unpretentious and always there for us. So we have chosen honest materials that carry clear messages. Then we have put them together for a certain oddness. This is because there is an innate awkwardness in the directional light that we wanted to amplify - rather as with people this is a sympathetic quality not a sin. Technical description: Dimmable pendant lamp. Warm white LED with glare-protecting shade and diffuser. Technical information: Material: Hand spun aluminium Light source: 1-6 W LED Colour temperature: 3,000 K CRI: 93 Suspension: 3 m textile cable

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Hersteller wästberg
Designer Ilse Crawford
Lieferzeit 2 - 3 Wochen

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