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Berlin-based product designer Uli Budde (born 1978) studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam/Germany and graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven/Netherlands in 2004.
He worked as a freelance designer for various studios in the Netherlands including Jongeriuslab/Hella Jongerius, Baukje Trenning and Joost Grootens.

Uli Budde works independently from his office in Berlin since 2009, concentrating on projects ranging from furniture, table ware and lighting.

Besides that he is co-founder of Officeoriginair, an ongoing collaboration with Dutch designer Ivan Kasner.

Amongst his clients you will find THONET (D), OLIGO (D), marset (ES), Vertigo Bird (SI), A.E.Köchert Juwellers (A) and Royal VKB (Officeoriginair, NL).

His projects are honoured with different awards like the Dutch Design Award (Officeoriginair), the GIO Award (Officeoriginair), two RED DOT AWARDS in 2012 (Officeoriginair) and the DESIGN PLUS AWARD 2014.
In 2010 and 2011 Uli Budde received the Faces of Design Award.

The work of Uli Budde investigates the well-known everyday object, finding new solutions to transform the familiar in a thoughtful and functional way. With a close relationship to familiar products, objects and situations, Buddes’ designs take on an easy understanding and acceptance into daily life - a clever simplicity with an unobtrusive presence.
 Within his way of working he has developed a strong handwriting which can be both poetic or graphic, without losing functionality out of sight.