Trine Find

Trine Find
"Keep it simple"

She works principally with wood, and the process of her work often starts with hand-drawn sketches, and then continues with a series of full-scale working models.

Trine Charlotte Find trained as an architect at the Aarhus School of Architecture. It can clearly be seen from her products that she has a fondness for nature and is inspired by the minimalist Nordic form language.

Among her products are the Filigrantræ® and Filigrantræ mini®, which have both been included in the Danish Crafts Collection three times: CC14, CC15 and CC16. Trine has designed Funghi mushrooms and Funghi mills for applicata, and they have been highly successful throughout Scandinavia. They were nominated for the FORMEX Formidable prize at FORMEX 2012 in Sweden.

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