Tom Dixon Tool The Perpetual Calendar

Tom Dixon Tool The Perpetual Calendar

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Artikelnummer: Tom Dixon Tool The Perpetual Calendar


A stainless steel calendar with three mobile magnetic graphic cursors for the modern diarist. Each calendar is etched with numbers and letters to represent every date in the year. Move chosen markers and cursors around the board to tell the correct date and reuse year after year. Stand your calendar proud on your desk or hang on a wall and never miss a date again. Free London Brick Ephemera Stickers with this product. Hier kaufen Sie nur die Deckenbefestigung ohne Leuchten dazu. An dieser Deckenbefestigung können bis zu 14 Tom Dixon Leuchten angebracht werden.

Weitere Informationen

Farbe Silver
Abmessungen Seat depth(cm) : 0.10
Height(cm) : 30.00
Width(cm) : 21.00
Gewicht 1.00 Kgs
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Tom Dixon
Hinweis Product family : Tool
Launched : 2014


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