Tom De Vrieze

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Tom De Vrieze, born in 1968 in Sint-Niklaas,
Belgium, Europe. A degree in informatics, book-keeping, maths and design. 10 years of experience as a mechanical draughtsman in engineering and construction for industrial companies such as Atlas Copco, Procter and Gamble, Union Minière, Food Machinery Corperation, Renault Belgium, Renault France, Waterleau.

The design and designing of furniture objects did start in 1996 with the first object 'Secretary', a 360° turnable cabinet was developed. From 1996 until 1999 a few 'common' designobjects were made, but they were mainly made for proper use, no more, no less.

Years did pass by, after many thoughts and analysis, the idea to start a professional company in furniture and industrial design became stronger. So, in June 2002 a company called Tovdesign was founded. In October 2002 a lot of virtual design concepts were put on a website, many international reactions did came. The responses sent by companies, students and others did set up 'a point of view' about design.

About what is current on the market, about what people are looking or would like to have. During those next months he visited some professional furniture trades, he exchanged ideas with well-know Belgian designers.

And, ... 2 months later on an orientation was found. Tovdesign started to explore and exploit the principle of Emofurn, a new furniture style, an emotion through a furniture, the user conflicted.