Tolix Tabouret Hgd Perfore

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CHF 287.00
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Artikelnummer: Tolix Tabouret Hgd Perfore


Created exclusively by TOLIX, the perforated HGD Stool is the high-back version of the celebrated H Stool, halfway between a chair and a stool. You may add a TOLIX® cushion to further increase the comfort of its excellent sitting position. As with all other TOLIX H Stools, the perforated HGD is available in eight heights and in a plain steel version.

Weitere Informationen

Material Steel
Abmessungen HGD45: D x 420 W x 420 H x 1100 (mm)

HGD50: D x 380 W x 380 H x 900 (mm)

HGD55: D x 393 W x 393 H x 950 (mm)

HGD60: D x 392 W x 392 H x 1020 (mm)

HGD65: D x 400 W x 400 H x 1070 (mm)

HGD70: D x 420 W x 420 H x 1100 (mm)
Gewicht HGD45: 4
HGD55: 4,6
HGD65: 6,15
HGD70: 5,9
HGD75: 6,2
HGD80: 6,5 kg
Lieferfrist 3 - 5 Wochen
Hersteller Tolix
Designer Tolix
Hinweis HGD45:Seat height (mm)445 ,Seat width (mm)280 ,Seat depth (mm)280

HGD50:Seat height (mm)495 ,Seat width (mm)280 ,Seat depth (mm)280

HGD55:Seat height (mm)545 ,Seat width (mm)280 ,Seat depth (mm)280

HGD60:Seat height (mm)595 ,Seat width (mm)280 ,Seat depth (mm)280

HGD65:Seat height (mm)645 ,Seat width (mm)280 ,Seat depth (mm)280

HGD70:Seat height (mm)695 ,Seat width (mm)280 ,Seat depth (mm)280

HGD75:Seat height (mm)745 ,Seat width (mm)280 ,Seat depth (mm)280

HGD80:Seat height (mm)795 ,Seat width (mm)280 ,Seat depth (mm)280

Warranty : 2 years


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