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Lisa Tavazzani has owned Spatia Editions since 1997 and the Lisa Tavazzani Studio since 2000. An expert in materials research, she is art director for the Tavazzani art and design gallery in Milan, republishing historic futurist articles, promoting young designers and exhibiting the most promising brands of Italian design.
- Domestic expo (Kundalini-All Glass-Hivaoa-Artizzu)
- “Jacob’s art” expo at Pitti House
- “Dr. Neon and Mr. Light” expo
- “Dire Fare Potare” expo, travelling event for FAI (Italian Environment Foundation)
- “TRIBUS Cibus” expo
- “Gioielli Indiscreti” expo
- “Kuailè” wellbeing expo.
Art director of Alterpoint (International design event), coordinating the exhibition in 1999 and 2000 and creating the design award concept in 2000, that would then become a TV programme as well.
She has designed the Pas des Cliché knitwear line for 4 seasons in the De France Gallery in Paris, organising the “Double-cross Aids” exhibition together with Ezio Barbaro, which involved stylists like Manolo Blanick, Alexander McQueen, etc.
She took an active part in creating the MODEN fashion and design edition (published in Milan, Paris and New York).
She has designed Pyrex glass vases that are produced by Massimo Lunardon for Sotheby’s in London.
She coordinates the furnishing division of rolled and coated items for Giovanni Crespi, a manufacturer of PVC and polyurethane plastic materials.