Studio Lindholdt

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Lindholdt Studio is owned by two brothers Martin Lindholdt Madsen & Flemming Lindholdt Madsen. We started our collaboration 15 years ago, with Flemming as the designer and Martin as sales representative. The collaboration is very tight and both of us are now involved both sales and design.

Lindholdt Studio has been working with custom made solutions in the past 15 years, but in 2014 we decided to focus on products. We have a weakness for lamps, so our first product is the lamp 'Petite Machine'. Our inspiration is mainly drawn from the 30s, 50s, 80s and present times. Our aim with 'Petite Machine' is to evoke a modern classic feeling, in time, shape and materiel.

The lamp is produced with modern technology and old craftsmanship. For Lindholdt Studio it is very important to create a lamp that has been touched by human hands - to personalise it.

All production of 'Petite Machine' is in Denmark, located nearby to our studio.