Studio Henk Butterfly Bench 260 cm - Oak Hardwax Oil Natural Light 3041

Studio Henk Butterfly Bench 260 cm

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1.116,00 CHF
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Artikelnummer: Studio Henk Butterfly Bench 260 cm


For our collection of dining benches we designed a beautiful seat with a Butterfly frame. The Butterfly frame is a unique frame that is available for both our dining tables and benches. Pair the classic Butterfly table with the Butterfly bench and create a balanced dining area, while offering enough room for the family to join. The dining benches are made from the same materials as the dining tables, enabling you to create the perfect pair.

Are you looking for a seating solution that is even more comfortable? For our collection of dining benches we’ve designed a cushion that you can order in addition to the bench. The cushion is available in different fabrics, enabling you to select a cushion that perfectly fits your interior.

Weitere Informationen

Material A-quality oak with hardwax oil or two component lacquer
Steel frame 2x2 cm with powder coating in white or black
Abmessungen D x 40 cm
T x 4 cm
H x 45 cm
Lieferfrist 6 - 12 Wochen
Hersteller Studio Henk
Designer Studio Henk
Hinweis The dining benches are available with standard edges or chamfered edges
The dining benches are available in different sizes. We recommend selecting a dining bench that is 20 cm shorter than the dining table, making it easier to join the table
Reinforcements are placed across the length and width of the seat
The bottom of the cushion is anti-slip


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