Stolab Miss Holly Barhocker

Stolab Miss Holly Barhocker

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875,00 CHF
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Artikelnummer: Stolab Miss Holly Barhocker


Bar stool in solid oak

Design: Jonas Lindvall | Year: 2016

Miss Holly was produced with respect for the past and a feel for what is lacking today. Now when we enlarge the group it feels natural to add a bar stool in time. Even this is gracious and generous. The bar stool is made of solid wood and the parts for the seat are milled part by part to then be glued together. After this, the solid part will be milled one more time.

It is availible in two different heights.

Footrest stainless steel, always included and mounted.

Footrest stainless steel, always included ant mounted.

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Lieferfrist 3 - 5 Wochen
Hersteller Stolab
Designer Jonas Lindvall


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