Stolab Arka Sessel - Birke Natur

Stolab Arka Sessel

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Artikelnummer: Stolab Arka Sessel


Lounge chair in solid birch alt. oak Design: Yngve Ekström 1913-1988 | Year: 1955

In 1955 Yngve designed Ekström, a low chair for Stolab named Arka.The name is an abbreviation of the Roman arched sidewalks called arcades and the arched shape is found in the special design of the lounge chair, where Yngve was based on three circles.A design that has become iconic and has received many followers over the years.Arka lounge chair is made of solid wood and we are very proud to be able to manufacture the original here in Smålandsstenar.

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Lieferfrist 3 - 5 Wochen
Hersteller Stolab
Designer Yngve Ekström


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