Sjef Balloon Collection

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Between kitsch and arts there are the inflatable dogs by Fatboy – accessories that polarize. Their meaning is ambivalent, between symbolism and balloon, between icon and toy – the Fatboy dogs are unusual design objects, but always friendly and making the user smile even on rainy days.

The name of the inflatable Fatboy dogs reminds us of a famous and contemporaneous artist. Sjef Balloon is arts for everyone, which was extremely successful at the auction of the “Balloon Dogs” by Jeff Koons- While the American artist inflated his dog until it had a size of several meters, Dolly, Hot Dog and Big Dog still fit in private homes.

As well as by Jeff Koons, the Fatboy Dogs are also presentable in different ambiences, since they aren’t easily interpreted because of their unusual appearance and they give a special twist to every place: To play for children, as ironic artwork in the living room or as eye-catcher in the entrance hall, in showcases and everywhere else one thing is sure: the Sjef Balloon collection by Fatboy will surely attract a lot of attention no matter where it is.