Santa & Cole Team

Santa & Cole Team
Design is our essence, blending beauty and usability.
Life affects design, and design affects our lives. New materials, technologies, artistic trends, social and economic changes reflect on current design, and in turn, on our daily lives. Objects are part of our private and public environment.
Designing is planning and contributing to the creation of the environment.
Publishing means selecting and publishing the products in which we believe.
We coordinate all the steps entailed in making a new idea or a vintage design become a reality, through production and marketing procedures.
This allows us to select the best supplier and the best materials for every piece of object, and this gives us a technological edge capacity over simple manufacturers.
The objects that we publish are created by world famous designers and architects.
We value their ability to develop new ideas, new points of view and looks on objects, new thoughts on the world that they contribute to plan. A large part of our efforts is aimed at protecting intellectual property and at acknowledging the author´s creative potential.
To us, material culture is the expression of our way of approaching the world. The objects that surround us are not only amenities or utilities; they also are communication elements, indirectly conveying ideas and values.
Objects tell the stories of our lives, the details of our ways of living, working, and dreaming. They reflect life.
This is why selecting an object is a transcendental act, whether it is for our home or for our urban environment.
Since 1989, our collection of urban equipment has allowed us to take part in improving the community. Through it, we contribute to bringing a collective feeling to the urban space.
Urban equipment is the vital image of urban environment; it not only answers functional necessities such as lighting, sitting, cleaning, signposting, but it also acts as representative, socializing, and collective symbols. Urban equipment is for everybody.
Our publishing capacity extends from the smallest home lamp to the largest urban signposting support.

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