Santa & Cole Carles Riart by Esperança Rabat

Santa & Cole Carles Riart by Esperança Rabat


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Artikelnummer: Santa & Cole Carles Riart by Esperança Rabat


Carles Riart (1944) is one of the leading Catalan designers of the second half of the 20th century. An atypical creator, Riart has sought to be a design craftsman, with singular furnishings that he conceived away from market trends and fashions: are interpretation of the traditional. In this way, he has broken with the austerity of the functionalism that dominated his early career and revived the taste for furnishings based on sensuality and imagination, furnishings that can stir one's emotions. This book includes a meticulous cataloguing of his work and illustrations of his most representative pieces, some of which have been distinguished with international awards and are now icons of modern design. It also reproduces many of his "special or uniquely personal furnishings," as well as a good number of his secret watercolours. The result is a thorough analysis of his work. In the words of Santiago Roqueta, Carlos Riart "has altered our perception of things, the way we look at ourselves and at the pretended novelty of our everyday lifes."

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Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Hersteller Santa & Cole
Hinweis ISBN: 84-8301-478-5
Esperanza Rabat, 2001
Paperback, 24 x 28,5 cm
160 pp., 140 illustrations


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