Roderick Vos

The Dutch designer Roderick Vos (1965) graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1990. Together with his wife Claire he ran a design and manufacturing company on the Indonesian island of Java. In 2004 they started their own design office and store in Den Bosch, in the South of the Netherlands. His unbridled creativity is clearly appreciated by Jan te Lintelo, as Roderick Vos has been designing for LINTELOO from the very beginning, twenty years ago: ‘I have fond memories of that time.

I was living in Indonesia, and my first sketches and products for LINTELOO were made there. Jan visited our family home and we discussed several product proposals. Jan’s ideas were ahead of their time. His first catalogue of products that came out twenty years ago is still up to date. Jan and I share the same approach to design. In our opinion design should be humble. When designers try too hard to create “Design”, it often fails. Jan doesn’t want to be a design guru and urge people to fill their entire house with designs by LINTELOO. He likes people to mix pieces from the collection with those of other brands and with objects that are special to them. And that is a very easy thing to do with the furniture he produces, because it goes well with both a more classical and a modern interior style. And still it adds something that makes your interior more interesting. Jan and I try to create products with a magical simplicity. Products should be able to tell their own stories to the consumer. LINTELOO furniture has a recognisable global identity. The brand is all about comfort and making our interiors more livable. In my work I always follow my instinct, not interior trends. That’s something Jan and I definitely have in common. We focus on beauty.’