Playsam Playtown Stockholm

Playsam Playtown Stockholm

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Who says it’s only kids who can play? When you give yourself the opportunity to look at the world with fresh eyes, creativity will follow. Cast all that seriousness to the side and take a moment to find some inspiration in between work and routine—Swedish label Playsam’s playful wooden objects are made for grown-up dreamers, too. This miniature version of Stockholm is a minimalist luxury toy with a gold-plated silver cross gleaming from the top of the town hall. It’s a bit of Scandinavian spirit ready to grace even more southerly latitudes. Origin : Sweden

Weitere Informationen

Material Wood, Silver, 23 Carat Gold Plate
Abmessungen Tower - H: 15.5 cm. Globe - Ø 11 cm.
Castle - L: 10 cm W: 10 cm D: 3.5 cm.
Town Hall - H 12 cm W: 8 cm D: 7 cm.
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen
Hersteller Playsam
Designer Ola Wihlborg


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