Petite Friture SO-SAGE Gendarme Pendant Lamp

Petite Friture SO-SAGE Gendarme Pendant Lamp


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Artikelnummer: Petite Friture SO-SAGE Gendarme Pendant Lamp


SO-SAGE is the new story invented by Sam Baron and Petite Friture. They appear like glass sausages hanging as they would in a traditional butchers, of different sizes and forms, that illuminate mischievously thanks to a levitating light. Each is unique. Created in borosilicate the SO-SAGE come in threes, fives and six or live their life as a lone sausage.

"Suspended from the ceiling, in groups or alone, these lights playfully remind us of the strings of sausages we see hanging in traditional butchers or... the innocent flight of a par ty balloon. Their transparency reveals the contours of their dif ferent designs and allows the light to dif fuse through this magnificent and fascinating material." Sam Baron

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Petite Friture
Designer Sam Baron
Hinweis Weight: 0.6 kg
Material Borosilicate Glass, Brass Graphite Finish, Steel
Abmessungen Ø: 3.6 cm; H: 40 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen
Farbe Glass Transparent


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