Petite Friture GRILLO Wall Lamps - light Turquoise

Petite Friture GRILLO Wall Lamps


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Artikelnummer: Petite Friture GRILLO Wall Lamps


The GRILLO wall-lamp of Elise Fouin is after all a simple and elegant solution to dress up a light bulb. Dressed by a perforated metal disc, of 23cm or 36cm of diameter, the light bulb disappears and allows a light to seep through and be diffused. The minimal structure, combined with the light, becomes an eclipse; the pattern takes the colour of the object.
"The wall lamp GRILLO is the response to an exposed lightbulb on a wall. Its simple perforated circular form diffuses, defracts and dims the light much like a solar eclipse. With its minimalist form and range of colours it is easily incorporated into classic and contemporary interiors." Elise Fouin

Weitere Informationen

Hersteller Petite Friture
Designer Elise Fouin
Hinweis Weight:
Small: 0,3 kg, Large: 0,6 kg
Material Coated Steel, Epoxy Paint Grained (Except The Pink Colour)
Abmessungen Small: ∅23 x w10 cm, Ø: 36cm; W: 10 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 4 Wochen


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