Paustian Stack Shelving System, Width 240 cm

Paustian Stack Shelving System, Width 240 cm

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Artikelnummer: Paustian Stack Shelving System, Width 240 Cm


Paustian Stack Shelving System is designed by professor and architect Anders Brix.

Paustian Stack Shelving System can be used at home or at work where you want individuality within the given framework. The system can be easily modified, extended or split when new needs arise.

The individual elements provide great flexibility, variation and a sculptural effect. The elements are stacked and move freely, so shelving space can be turned to either side, be open or closed and the colour combinations are numerous.

Shelves and stacking elements lock stable to each other, so even tall bookshelves can be built without the use of tools.

Choose between Stack elements in 6 colours white (RAL 9010), yellow (RAL 1016), dark green (RAL 6009), aubergine (RAL 3007), grey (RAL 7005) and nude (RAL 3012). The shelves are in white melamine with white aluminum edges. Legs (4 cm. high) in white powder coated steel with integrated set screws.

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Abmessungen width x 240 cm
Lieferfrist 3 - 5 Wochen
Hersteller Paustian
Designer Anders Brix


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