Paustian Spinal Table, Round - White Dyed Laminate w White Edges

Paustian Spinal Table, Round

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CHF 743.00
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Artikelnummer: Paustian Spinal Table, Round


The round table is part of the Spinal Table series designed for Paustian by the Danish architect and designer Paul Leroy.

The simple and light expression along with the many variations and combinations possible make the series of Spinal tables a good choice for a home and an office.

The many different table sizes and heights provide good and very flexible arrangement possibilities. The table series is ideal as a conference table, a cafeteria table, a meeting room table or desk, or as a dining table or coffee table in a home.

The tabletop is available in linoleum or laminate. The frame is supplied in matt chrome steel with integrated adjustable feet. Besides matt chrome steel the columns are available with powder lacquer black (RAL 9011 gloss 20) or powder lacquer white (RAL 9010 gloss 20).

The table is available in many other different variations according to need: boatshape, square and rectangular.

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Abmessungen Height: 72 cm
Lieferfrist 6 - 8 Wochen
Hersteller Paustian
Designer Paul Leroy


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