Paper Collective On The Move – Air

Paper Collective On The Move – Air

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Artikelnummer: Paper Collective On The Move – Air


On The Move is a celebration of animals gathering in large numbers. Each poster represents one of the most numerous animal migrations across land, through the air and in the ocean. A school of herring beneath the ocean surface, a herd of wildebeest running across the planes and a flock of finches taking off into the sky.This Graphic Design Supports The Red Cross.

Weitere Informationen

Abmessungen 50×70 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen
Hersteller Paper Collective
Designer Vera & Kyte
Hinweis Paper Details:
Offset printed on 200g uncoated Munken Lynx paper (archival quality, FSC certified). Produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system.


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