Paper Collective NATURE 1:1 HAILSTONE

Paper Collective NATURE 1:1 HAILSTONE

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Artikelnummer: Paper Collective NATURE 1:1 HAILSTONE


Offset printed on 200g uncoated Munken Lynx paper (archival quality, FSC certified). Produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system. THIS GRAPHIC DESIGN SUPPORTS: World Wildlife Fund - WWF FORM US WITH LOVE ABOUT THE POSTER DESIGN: Our ambition with the series of prints has been to combine art with fascinating and intriguing facts. The prints depict some extreme objects of nature; The World’s largest pine cone, a hailstone the size of a football and who knows what the next will be? The objects are illustrated in 1:1 size with a ballpoint pen.

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Abmessungen 50x70 cm
Lieferfrist 2 - 3 Wochen
Hersteller Paper Collective
Designer Form Us With Love


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